Funeral Company "Felix"

Funeral Company '' Felix '' d.o.o. Odžak was founded in 1995. At your heaviest moments, we offer you the complete organization of the funeral for your loved ones in the country and abroad.

Pogrebna oprema

Transportation of deceased persons in the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. International transportation of deceased from abroad or from any country from the EU and the world and obtaining all necessary documentation at local institutions and diplomatic and consular bodies. Preparation and provision of complete documentation for the transportation of deceased persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

Preuzimanje i prijevoz

Organizing the burial, arranging the burial ceremony, gravestone, making an obituary, organizing music, and all the details related to the deceases of your loved ones.

Organizacija sahrane

Exhumation service in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and organization of exhumations with the preparation of complete documentation abroad.


Creating complete documentation and transporting the deceased to cremation.

Kremacija pokojnika

Mediation in the making of tombs, tombstones and all stone works.